Guest Character

Characteristics: Extremely loyal, Very stubborn, Reckless, Impulsive, Sneaky, Doesn’t know limits.

Skills: close combat, reconnaissance/ investigation/observation, healing through his genMod, crafting/repairing (mechanical devices only)

Features: zero patience, lack of humor, obstinate, talks before thinking.

Weaknesses: drugs addicted, basically immortal due to his GenMod.



Tom’s home planet Crov Q5 lies in a different galaxy. Details about his origin and family remain unknown. As a newborn he was found in a biotech laboratory by the Alliance’s forces. Afterwards he was assigned to a military boarding school where he spent his childhood and youth. After a few years of service in the regular army,  he joined the Hellhounds – a spec ops unit that specialized on combat against cyborgs - his planet’s rising menace. By becoming the commander of the alpha squad he completed many successful missions. Until the day when he and his team got captured by a rebel faction. They augmented him against his will but due to his genetic manipulations that he experienced in his earlier childhood the transformation didn’t work as planned and he could flee. However the Alliance dismissed him from the service. But this turned out to be a blessing in disguise because CyberSteel – one of the most powerful mega corps on his planet recruited him for their security department. They indeed valued his competencies for their purposes and very soon he rose up to be the CEOs personal and special agent. Read more

Interesring Facts

   Tom is a construct of multiple genetic modification. Due to those biotechnical  manipulations he cares special stem cells in his blood which adapts to any bionic life form and either replace or regenerate damaged tissue. In order to do so he has to share his blood with others by cutting himself.
     Those special stem cells were primarily made for regenerating his own physical issues so that it basically renders him immortal or resistant against many forms of damage from what other people would usually die. 

         Original character creator RADACS. Tom is very impulsive. He has an insatiable need to prove his point of view permanently and never misses a discussion although he often talks before thinking. In most cases this behavior causes many conflicts that only heat up his temperament and he never hesitates to solve such conflicts with force. Secretly he hates to subordinate and enjoys taking responsibilities on his own but at the same time he follows any order in a pernickety accuracy without even scrutinizing the purpose. He often needs a guiding hand who can catch his temper and lead it into the right direction because otherwise he overrun himself. He never fears any complications and often he isn’t even aware of all risks or naively believes he will manage to get through. Also he never minds doing dirty work as well.









Place of Birth

Crov Q5




(CyberSteel) agent




laser gun & his customised riffle "Vera"

Preferred weapon

Knuckels and his cyberarm


neo-mechanical/synthesised left arm prosthetic augmented blood structure due to gen modifications


185 cm


85 kg


Dark blue




- suffers from PTSD after his former miliatry duty

- slightly addicted to various intoxicants believing this would relieve his pain

- can heal certain diseases/ contamination by sharing his blood

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