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Soheila backstory

As a teenager, Soheila flew away from Earth to Khsianh in the first wave of humans. Upon arriving on the new planet, she was captured by the Bayon, an alien race that saw her potential as a weapon. They took her to a laboratory, where various experiments were performed on her to create a superweapon by implanting a substance called Zatvor into her body.

However, the Bayon soon realized that Soheila was not suitable for their purposes and literally threw her out onto the streets. After the experiments, Soheila had lost her limbs and her face was disfigured. She was also forced to take the Zatvor for the rest of her rather short life.

Fortunately, Ulric found her and helped her cope with the monstrous consequences of the experiments. He helped her get the necessary medical treatment, including having her body surgically modified again. He also made sure that all records of her existence were destroyed.

Now, Soheila works for Ulric. She has a combat outfit that is depicted in the concept artwork. She is a cyborg in human form, and has struggled with finding her femininity, just like Motoko in the anime Ghost in the Shell. Through her outfit, Soheila tries to embrace her femininity in a similar way.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions or would like to add any additional details to Soheila's story.


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