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IAHN |Earth|

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Iahn was born on earth, his mother died in childbirth, which led his cruel and stupid father to take out his anger on him and his brother. Iahn grew up in a family full of hatred, aggression and gross physical violence. Periodically, he was subjected to physical and emotional violence by his father, often fought with his father and older brother. Sometimes fights would end at the verge of death for one or several of the family members.

Such an aggressive environment does not make Iahn a downtrodden or clogged child. This makes him an aggressive, violent and unbalanced person. Over time, he becomes cold-blooded, tactical and physically stronger. (School is the place where he spends most of his time not to return home. In general he has good relations with his teachers and classmates, but he still gets into trouble with them at times.) At the age of 16-18, he purposefully kills his father and older brother. Some people help him settle this issue by attaching him to the army, where they prepared him for several years to become a soldier in a special force military unit. At 19, thanks to his distinct performance in combat and training he was offered a contract, where he continues to build his career with one of the major special forces of the military corporation. He excels in all disciplines. The success of his operations in most cases is his merit. The number of enemies he killed doesn’t know limits. He tortured, raped and killed people in the hundreds - not always because he was ordered to, but because he enjoys it. A terrible person, but an ideal soldier who could kill any person without hesitation and who doesn't care whether if it's a defenseless woman or child, such cruelty was beneficial for the corporation. At 21 he meets a 12-year-old boy Cillian whose parents died in a car accident made possible by the corporation. Iahn takes Cillian his custody. Iahn still has a strong craving for murder and violence but thanks to Cillian he now realises he has feelings that he had not experience before. He spends a lot of time in the service, but he tries to spend all his free time with the boy, to become an older brother or perhaps to some extent a father figure. Iahn is forced to combine two archetypes in himself, cruel, ruthless killer, ready to bring only death and destruction. But at the same time, a strict but caring custodian who protects Cillian, (sometimes too much), but is no violence in their family, because Iahn takes out all his anger and craving for killing during the work. He hopes that Cillian won't ever find out what a terrible person he is and how much blood is on his hands.

Iahn does not want Cillian's fate to be a murderer like himself. He is opposed to the boy being interested in weapons.After some time Iahn realizes that the way of his life can harm the boy and decides to teach him shooting and self-defense when Cillian turns 15-16. Cillian prefers shooting with a sniper rifle most of all, as he feels more confident over long distances.All his teenage years he lives with Iahn (from 12 to 18 years old) until Iahn is forced to go on the run.

Throughout all seven years of service, Iahn is one of the key fighters, he knows about all the affairs of the corporation, even what he shouldn't know about, it gives him power to blackmail and manipulate high-ranking people as he wants. Over the years he has been gaining Advantageous connections, he became calmer, prudent, a lot has cleared up in his head, his views have long changed, and his thoughts have become more global. (But his madness and craving to kill didn't disappear, it appears only on the battlefield).Cillian has a positive effect on Iahn for all seven years. The head of the corporation decides to eliminate Iahn. Because he interferes with the business of the company. After weighing the pros and cons, they decide to sabotage him. Iahn knew about the sabotage in advance, because he has many connections, inside the corporation and abroad as well, in spite of this, few can help him. Ian decides on an irreversible act, to kill the head of the corporation before he kills him.

Iahn and several of his associates organize massacres and public executions at the corporate headquarters (only key people are killed, ordinary workers aren’t touched). The head of the corporation, Iahn kills with his own hand in a particularly sophisticated way. Each of their steps within the walls of the corporation is broadcast in the public domain. Their faces are hidden by masks, but their names are well known and announced. After a bloody raid, declare a hunt, Iahn and his allies are the threat of the highest level on the entire planet. Iahn goes on the run. One of Iahn’s co-workers and good friend helps him leave the planet in a pirate spaceship, and travels to other planet.

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