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Characteristics: Smart, Quick, Bold, Hot-tempered, Leader.

Skills: Shooting, Management, Stealing

Features: The presence of Ether, Data collection.

Weaknesses: low class

Farhana and her twin brother Korh spent most of their childhood in an orphanage. They were often harassed by other children due to their unusual appearance, because it was very rare to see a merger of two races - people and Bayons. That is why, avoiding unnecessary attention, the twins often had to hide their faces under a mask and a hood.

One day, Korh and Farhana were forced to flee from their usual shelter, and were able to hide from the persecution, meeting on the way an inhabitant living in their city - the Q-ar sector, who offered help. While under his tutelage, the twins learned the secret that this inhabitant is part of a growing army of rebels who are ready to resist the rule of the Bayons, whose laws have become harsher and harsher. Angered by the injustice, orphans join the resistance in order to find a chance to change their lives for the better


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