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Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Cillian is from Earth, at the age of 10 he and his family were in a car accident, his parents were killed. The boy barely managed to save his life, but he lost his right arm.

It is rumored that the incident was rigged by (MMC) Moteda Military Corporation. MMC, in turn, do not take responsibility for what happened. On the contrary, they select Сillian as a charity act, and in every possible way advertise it in the news and on television. For two years the boy lives at the expense of the company, until he learns the truth that MMC is guilty of the death of his parents. At the same time, Сillian meets Iahn who secretly takes the boy under his wing (not officially).

For society and MMC, Killian disappears as if he never existed.

Despite the fact that the boy is only 12 years old, he is passionate and talented in tech designing. He is versed in technology and weapons and spends all his free time developing mechanical pieces, prosthetic arms and in particular, developing interfaces and improving existing weapons.

Since the age of 13, he has been developing prostheses for his own arm and delving into firearms that Iahn keeps at home.

Iahn does not want Cillian's fate to be a murderer like himself. He is opposed to the boy being interested in weapons.After some time Iahn realizes that the way of his life can harm the boy and decides to teach him shooting and self-defense when Cillian turns 15-16.

Cillian prefers shooting with a sniper rifle most of all, as he feels more confident over long distances.All his teenage years he lives with Iahn (from 12 to 18 years old) until Iahn is forced to go on the run.

Cillian's life without Ian on earth.

Ian provided a good life for Cillian, because he knew in advance about the impending threats from the MMC, he did everything so that Cillian continued to live in secret, and was provided with everything he needed.

Cillian ends up not in the most favorable company of people, now his life is filled with petty robberies and fraud, he always thinks to jump off, but every time something holds him back. He became an errand dog in a criminal gang. Drugs, sex, and robbery were all that interested him. This continued until he committed his first murder. He hacked the innocent, burned his brains, the poor man died right in front of Cillian. This was a blow to him, but the murders did not stop there, because he can no longer get away from the criminal group. He decided to flee so that they could not find him, but at that moment he received the news that Iahn was alive, and somewhere he was waiting for him. He had the chance to travel to a new world, also on a space pirate shuttle. Cillian did not hesitate to take advantage of the gift of fate and flew to Ksionh, hoping to see Ian again.


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