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Black Sun Virus

Black Sun is a very dangerous cyber virus, catching which, the carrier dies within 12-24 hours in real time, and his consciousness is digitized into the cyberspace of the virus and stays there for a very long time, the digital copy is doomed to experience hellish torments.

This virus was created by an unknown person in order to draw attention to the insecurity of cyberspace. He coped with his mission perfectly, because that day about fifty hundred carriers died, no less - were affected by the virus. This day will remain in the memory of the Khsianhians for a long time.

After this monstrous incident, cyberspace protection was completely redesigned and improved many times over, so it became almost impossible to pick up this virus on the network. However, the virus still walks through the unclean hands of mercenaries and hackers, usually used as torture or murder. Also, the virus can be picked up by taking cyber drugs of unknown origin.

Getting into the Black Sun, the body in reality begins to experience severe convulsions, and cyberspace makes the body experience severe pain of a different nature.

It is almost impossible to get out of the Black Sun without someone's help, only the most skillful hackers can do it.

The spread and storage of the virus is punishable by death in all Bayon’s territories.


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