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Characteristics: Smart, strong, tactical, cold-blooded, serious, decisive, unbalanced.

Skills: Murder, Shooter, Infighting, Interrogation, Data collection.

Features: Strategic thinking, very accurate shooting, unique style in close combat, thinking outside the box.

Weaknesses: addicted to Zatvor, due to modifications, the lifespan is greatly reduced, lack of self-control at some points



Iahn was born on earth, his mother died in childbirth, which led his cruel and stupid father to take out his anger on him and his brother. Iahn grew up in a family full of hatred, aggression and gross physical violence. Periodically, he was subjected to physical and emotional violence by his father, often fought with his father and older brother. Sometimes fights would end at the verge of death for one or several of the family members.
Such an aggressive environment does not make Iahn a downtrodden or clogged child. This makes him an aggressive, violent and unbalanced person. Over time, he becomes cold-blooded, tactical and physically stronger.
(School is the place where he spends most of his time not to return home. In general he has good relations with his teachers and classmates, but he still gets into trouble with them at times.) At the age of 16-18, he purposefully kills his father and older brother. Some people help him settle this issue by attaching him to the army, where they prepared him for several years to become a soldier in Read more

   Iahn is a professional hitman. Murder and torture is his passion. His sharp mind and excellent physical characteristics, combined with artificial intelligence, which coexists with him in one mind, make him an extremely dangerous opponent.In criminal circles, they say, "If Iahn is coming after you, commit suicide first. "Few people know him by sight, because he prefers not to leave witnesses.


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